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Sanjeev Dhama

Technical Artist

Senior Technical Artist
Hike Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

Sept 2021 - Ongoing

  • Spearheaded the development of cutting-edge animation systems using Nvidia Omniverse, streamlining the animation process and enhancing efficiency.

  • Designed and implemented a customizable Avatar system with Unreal Engine 5, utilized across multiple R&D teams to optimize character customization.

  • Managed a technical art team and collaborated with production leads to ensure project milestones were met effectively.

    Skills: Python | Unreal Engine | Unity | Blender | Maya | Rigging

Technical Artist
Pragmatic Play Pvt. Ltd, Noida

Oct 2019 - Oct 2021

  • Developed advanced character rigging and animation pipeline tools, enhancing productivity and quality across multiple R&D projects.

  • Rigged character assets for virtual sports and provided Unreal Engine 4 support, contributing to successful project outcomes.

  • Led the technical art team, fostering collaboration and driving initiatives to streamline project development processes.

    Skills: Game Design | Unreal Engine | Python  | Maya | Rigging

Technical Artist
Ratna Sagar Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
Jan 2018 - June 2019

  • Designed and maintained asset/rigging pipelines for mobile AR/VR applications, optimizing workflows and enhancing artist productivity.

  • Managed 3D asset creation and integration into mobile applications, ensuring seamless user experiences.

  • Implemented tools and workflows using Unity Engine and Python, facilitating efficient project development.

    Skills: Game Design | Unity Engine | Python | Maya | Rigging

Technical Artist
Zynga Game India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
March 2015 - Dec 2017

  • Orchestrated art pipeline design and maintenance, including animation and character modeling pipelines, optimizing game performance.

  • Developed behavioural scripting for characters and animals using JSON, enhancing interactive elements within games.

  • Collaborated with cross-functional teams, provided Unity Engine support, and contributed to game optimization efforts.

    Skills: Game Design | Unity Engine | Python (Programming Language) | Maya | 3dsMax | Max script | Rigging


Rigging Artist
Xentrix Studio Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
June 2012 - March 2015

  • Pioneered the development of auto-rigging and skinning systems, streamlining rigging processes and improving animation quality.

  • Innovated new tools for the animation department, enhancing efficiency and productivity within the studio.

    Skills: Python (Programming Language) | Maya | Rigging

Professional Summary:

Highly skilled and innovative Technical Artist with a proven track record of success across multiple leading companies in the gaming and animation industry. Expertise in rigging, animation pipeline development, and tool creation, combined with a strong aptitude for problem-solving and team leadership. Adept at driving technical art initiatives and delivering high-quality projects on schedule.

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