Sanjeev Dhama

Technical Artist


Objective: -

                     To obtain an engaging technical artist position at a game company that is excited about                         what they are creating. I am looking to work with a fun and talented team where I can                             really help to build some great games.


Summary: -

                      I am a 3d Technical Artist working in the Gaming/Animation industry. writing the                                    real-time sharers, rigging characters, developing the games, tools, scripts, and plug-                              ins inside and out of the content creation packages used on my teams, as well as                                      designing, creating, and maintaining art pipelines.


Skills: -

                       Platform: Window | Mac | Linux

                      Engines: Unity | Unreal | Lumberyard

                      Software: Maya | 3ds Max | Photoshop | Perforce | Smart Git | Aftereffect | Spine 2d

                      Languages: C# | Python | Maya Python API | Mel | Max Script


Experience: -

                      Ratna Sagar Pvt. Ltd New Delhi | [Technical Artist]

                      Jan 2018 - Ongoing

                      Responsibilities: [Technical Artist]

                      Designing and maintaining asset/rigging pipeline for mobile AR/VR app and writing

                      tools, Responsible for 3D asset from modeling to mobile app, artist work flow and app                            optimization

                      Zynga Game India Pvt. Ltd Bangalore | [Technical Artist]

                      March 2015 - Dec 2017

                      Projects: Farm Ville 2 | Empires & Allies

                      Responsibilities: [Technical Artist]

                      Designing and maintaining art pipeline,construct animation and character modeling                              pipeline, behavioral scripting for characters, animals, using JSON, artist work-flow                                  and game optimization. 


                      Xentrix Studio Pvt. Ltd Bangalore | [Rigging Artist]

                      June 2012 - March 2015

                      Projects: Beware The Batman

                      Responsibilities: [Rigging Artist /Tools developer]

                      Developed auto rigging & skinning system for department.

                      Created new tools for animation department.


                      Content flow Pvt.Ltd Noida UP | [Rigging Artist]

                      March 2012 - June 2012

                      Responsibilities: [3D Artist]

                      Worked as a 3d artist for E learning projects.

                      Projects: E learning


                      Freelancer | [Rigging Artist]

                      Aug 2011 - Feb 2012

                      Responsibilities: [Rigging Artist]

                      Handled complete rigging pipeline.

                      Created rigs for primary characters as well as quadrupeds and birds.

                      Projects: Freelance


                      One Info net (OIT) Noida UP | [Rigging Artist]

                      March 2011 - July 2011

                      Projects: Sundri (3D film)

                      Responsibilities: [Rigging Artist]

                      Handled complete rigging pipeline.


                      Sheen Animation Studio New Delhi | [Rigging Artist]

                      Jan 2010 - Aug 2010

                      Projects: Adam Eve

                      Responsibilities: [Rigging Artist]

                      Created rigs for primary characters as well as quadrupeds and birds.


                      Keeping myself fit and exploring about the same.

                      Participating in social and art activities.

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