I am a 3D Technical Artist working in the Gaming/Animation

industry. writing the real-time sharers, rigging characters,

developing the games, tools, scripts, and plugins inside and 

out of the content creation packages used on my teams, as

well as designing, creating, and maintaining art pipelines.


Focusing primarily on in-game rigging, with expertise in

both game and film/cinematic related character setup.

Presently I am working as a technical artist in Zynga Game

Network, a well know gaming production house. I have the

unique ability to manage multidisciplinary projects and to

navigate complex challenges arising in the production

pipeline. But one thing that my actual experience has taught

me that my professional value comes boiling down to these

points: Working closely with multi departments, Never say

die attitude. I don’t care who gets the credit, but I always

want to win.


Technology, games, and the arts are my passions.

I am a self-taught, self-motivated Technical/Rigging Artist. I enjoy problem solving, develop rig systems, pipelines and tools to support the animation and art teams. Work closely with programmers

to plan, develop and ameliorate both the character and environment pipelines. Learn new techniques from different sources to overcome the many obstacles that arise in a game production.I started my career as a 3d artist, but I got engaged with rigging, for first 3 year just created rigs. After that I got

close to the Maya script (Mel, Python). I decided to learn it by myself and I taught myself, it was 2-year hard long journey to understand the programming, however I was from a non-technical field (graduated in economics) but I did it easily.I failed many times, but started again and again to achieve my goal.


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