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About Sanjeev Dhama

A Journey in Technical Art: From Passion to Expertise Fueled by a lifelong passion for the intersection of technology, games, and art, I've carved a path as a self-motivated 3D Technical Artist. My core strength lies in in-game rigging, bringing characters to life for both game and cinematic applications. However, my skillset extends far beyond the rig. I'm comfortable wielding a diverse technical toolbox that includes crafting real-time shaders, meticulously designing and maintaining art pipelines, and developing custom scripts (Mel & Python) and plugins to streamline workflows for my team.

Beyond Technical Skill: Collaboration and Problem-Solving Beyond technical prowess, I excel in navigating the complexities of multi-disciplinary projects. My ability to lead and collaborate effectively with various departments is a key asset. I foster a strong spirit of teamwork, prioritizing project success over individual recognition. This collaborative approach is further enhanced by my "never say die" attitude. When challenges arise in the production pipeline, I relish the opportunity to flex my problem-solving skills. Developing optimized rig systems, implementing pipeline improvements, and troubleshooting technical issues are just a few ways I contribute to a smooth and efficient production cycle.

A Commitment to Lifelong Learning: From Artist to Technical Mastermind Continuous learning is the bedrock of my success. My journey began as a 3D Artist, but a deep fascination with rigging led me down a path of self-directed learning. Coming from a non-technical background (Economics degree!), I embarked on a challenging but rewarding two-year journey to master scripting languages (Mel & Python). This dedication exemplifies my persistent nature and unwavering commitment to achieving my goals. Even in the face of setbacks, I believe in the power of resilience and use failures as stepping stones to further refine my skills.

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