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RigEdit, Auto Rigging and Skinning System for Maya

RigEdit Part 1

RigEdit Part 3

RigEdit Part 2

RigEdit Part 4


RigEdit is a standard Python rigging system for Maya that installs a high-quality animation, rig the joints and controls that enable efficient manipulation of a 3d character models, As well as providing auto skinning system also.
The python program is to automate the rigging process and is written in order to help building the rig part wise and is editable at any given point of time of rigging process.

The tool quickly rig a wide variety of CG characters. With just a few clicks, RigEdit installs a high-quality skeleton and proxy, adds a control rig,compatible with Unity,Unreal Engine. The tool is a group of advance tools for Maya.


. Auto Rig with advanced Features.

. Can rig props, creatures, vehicles and anything.

. Can build a high quality setup with much flexibility
. Rig part wise.
. Rebuild able (Biped & Quadruped,Bird), part wise also.
. Auto Skinning System.
. Non-roll Shoulder & Elbow Twist.
. Auto Clavicle.
. Right Click Menu with mirror pose (to mirror selected controller pose,IKFK snap).
. Ctrl Maker.
. Utility.
. FK IK Spline Dyn.
. Add dynamic (real time simulation).
. Renamer.
. Low Poly Creation.
. Add additional parts with limbs as required.
. Rebuild additional existing part as required.
. Transfer Skin.
. Skin Offset (to remove skin cluster offset).
. Copy Vtx weight.

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